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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Hat of the Week": You Can't Predict What People Will Like

Woven straw jute cloche with rosette.
This week's "Hat of the Week" post will be short and sweet. Some times I have lots of things to say about a particular creation; other times, not.

This hat is 35% off, only through July 13. No coupon code needed.

I like the hats I make. I wouldn't make them if they didn't please me aesthetically. But what surprises me is how sometimes the hats I'm not over the moon for are the ones other people like the best.

A while back, I had a hat in stock that I wasn't in love with. It had been in my shop for a while without attracting much attention. I was even thinking of removing the trim and re-doing the decoration. To my surprise, someone bought that very hat (over other hats in my shop I thought were nicer).

This one is another example. It was shown in the Milliners of Etsy fashion show, along with several others of my hats. I do really like this hat — but I thought some of the other hats I showed were better. This hat was the clear favorite among just about everyone (fellow milliners and non-milliners). Most people liked how the light filtered through the weave of the hat, something that's not apparent from the product photos. I was amazed by how many compliments I got. Differing opinions can be fun and surprising.

This is the only jute hat I've ever made. It's very rough feeling, so I lined it with China silk to make it comfortable to wear. You can visit the listing to see more photos, including the inside. It's a perfect hat for warm summer days.

Questions or comments on my hats, creative inspiration or millinery process are always welcome!

A model displays the hat in a fashion show.
(Photo by Ting Shen.)

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  1. This hat is adorable and looks -awesome- on the model above :)