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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Periscope! Lessons Learned

I have just recently discovered the world of Periscope. For those of you who don't know, it's a broadcasting app. "Scopes" can be watched live or replayed for 24 hours. 

Some people just talk to the camera. Some people might sing or play an instrument. And some are just plain boring.

What's neat about it is that people who are watching live can ask questions or post comments. You can also give hearts (both live and on replay) throughout the broadcast. (And unlike FB or Instagram, you can give more than one heart.)

I took the plunge the other day, choosing to broadcast my blocking of a hat. Here it is:

A couple things: If you notice me staring at the screen oddly, that's me reading comments that pop up on the screen (but they don't show up in this saved video). And I was trying to figure out whether it was better for sound to have the door closed (which was echoey) or leave it open and have the air conditioner noise.

I think I was too ambitious! It was difficult to keep talking and keep it entertaining while struggling with a stubborn felt. So I cut it short rather than keep fumbling publicly. It only took a short while to then get the actual felt blocked. 

So then I did this (much, much shorter) Periscope to redeem myself:

I think Periscope is an awesomely fun, interactive time. Even if you don't want to broadcast yourself, it's a fun place to watch, learn and more. I am @SilverhillHats on Periscope. If you follow my account, you can watch the next time I do a broadcast.