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Monday, December 26, 2016

Hats on Screen: Rosie's Cloche

It's been several months since I've written on this blog. (In the meantime, I have been writing the monthly "Millinery Operations" post for Mr. X Stitch.) So, I'm starting back up with a light and easy post.

Let's take a look at this awesome hat!

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 2, Episode 1: "Murder Most Scandalous"

No, not that one. The other one. Miss Fisher gets the most fabulous hats throughout the series. And I'll highlight some of them in another post, I'm sure. But I am obsessed by this cloche worn by Rosie. (I won't spoil who the character is in case you haven't seen the series.)

Another view of the hat from Season 2, Episode 1.
I am pretty much in love with this hat. Everything about it is wonderful. It's not dramatic or overly fancy. Those hats get saved for Miss Fisher, of course! But it's not plain, either. It's totally elegant. A perfect balance between dressy and casual. 

I love the color combination of the aubergine and brown. The colors go together so beautifully. It's a subdued color scheme, but it's not boring. It catches the eye because of its unexpected colors. The shape is simple but lovely. I'm a huge fan of asymmetry anyway. And that ribbon! The moire pattern, the perfect construction and drape, the angled placement, the cut ends ... everything about the ribbon is exquisite.

The hat in Season 2, Episode 6: "Marked for Murder"

This same hat makes an appearance in three episodes. (Side note: Actors and costumers will appreciate how significant this is. It takes a wardrobe from "costume" to a character's own clothing.)

The third time we see this hat, the lighting makes it look a little more burgundy. (Possibly it's a new version of the hat with a different colored straw, but I think it's probably the same hat and just a function of the lighting.)

Season 2, Episode 12: "Unnatural Habits"

Rosie isn't a major character, but she does get to be in three episodes. And she wears hats other than just this one. I just love the everyday style of this hat. She's not fantastically wealthy, and she's not poor. She's stylish but not glamorous. Sometimes minor characters get some of the best hats in movies, and this is just one example.