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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Creative Covetousness

I want it all. There, I said it. I want all the hat blocks my little heart could desire. I want all the vintage trimmings money can buy.

I think most creative people are the same way. My husband, a photographer, lusts after better gear and expensive lenses (or "glass" to the initiated). Me? I want to load up on hat blocks and hat-making supplies.

It feels good to know that I don't generally want to spend my money on "toys" like a new iPhone or TV. I want to spend my money on things to help me create.

Here's one object of my affection that, alas!, I am not able to justify buying:

I have so many millinery things I'd like to do with this gorgeous lace. Well, it's so pretty I at least enjoy looking at it even if I can't buy it. :)


  1. I went to your shop and I love your hats. Unfortunately, even though I LOVE hats I never seem to look good in them. I just look at them and drool.

    1. Thank you.

      I believe that anyone can look good in a hat — but it's a matter of finding the right hat to suit your personality, face shape, style, etc. :)