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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sacred Spaces

Like many milliners, I work from home. In a way, though, I don't consider it working from home. I work from my space — my studio (or "atelier" if I want to use the fancy-schmancy word many milliners use). But, because it's in my house, occasionally it has to give way to other functions.

For more than 2 weeks in the past month, my studio has had to be converted back into its original identity as a guest room. I love my guests. First, our best friend from college; next, my mom. I was glad they were here. But I experienced a new emotion too, feeling kind of cranky and frustrated. I had work I could do outside of that space (and I did). So I wasn't totally stifled, but I felt as though I was. I've been thinking about how selfish and needy I was feeling about "my" room. And it really made me think about how important — even sacred — our creative work spaces can be to us as artists.

I now have my studio back, and I feel so relieved! And part of having the room empty means supplies and tools get scattered everywhere. (Oops!) I have gotten a lot of work done in the past couple days. Glad to have full access to all my creative materials. :)

What would be really great is if I had the money to finish the "bonus room" over the garage to use exclusively as my atelier. A girl can dream ...

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