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Friday, September 21, 2012

What's in a Name?

I've been thinking about names, titles and words in a few different ways associated with my business. I guess I should admit that I am overly analytical, and I have a background in writing and editing. As such, maybe I think about words a little more than the average person.

First of all, I officially registered my business name (DBA) with the state. So exciting! I registered just "Silverhill Creative" instead of "Silverhill Creative Millinery" in case I want to branch out beyond just hats. In any event, Silverhill Creative is the brand name. Millinery is the the descriptor.

When I think about names, I also think about naming my hats. Many, many hat makers out there give their creations girls' names. While I like that strategy, it seems like everyone does it. On the other hand, I don't want to be stuck with something strictly descriptive like "blue cloche" or "brown trilby." ... "When from out of the blue, and without any guide, you know what your decision is — which is not to decide." (Ahem, channeling Cinderella from Sondheim's Into the Woods there. My theatre geek is showing.) Back to my graphic designer background. I'll use the naming convention of fonts — which really isn't a naming convention at all. Some fonts have girls' names, some fonts have merely descriptive names and some fonts have more esoteric names. I draw my inspiration from a variety of sources, so my hat names will reflect those varied inspirations.

And then the third way I've been thinking about words: the term "entrepreneur." I suppose that by having my own business (and, yes, trying to make money with it), I am technically an entrepreneur. And that word sounds so powerful and thrilling. But it also connotes (at least to me) the goal of making money and of growing one's business as much as possible. That's not my goal, not really. Sure, I like money. But I do what I do from the love of it. I want to bring pretty and creative things into the world and share them with people. I want to spread the joy of hats to others. And, really, I think most artists and milliners are the same way.


  1. Can I just say I LOVE the Sondheim reference? I so do. Best of luck with everything!

    1. Thank you so much. :)

      Quoting Sondheim might be cheesy writing, but it's undeniably "me."

    2. Well, cheesy it might be, but I came here for the millinery and stayed for the theatre reference. Made me think: "Oh, I like her."

    3. I'm so glad. :)

      If I may ask, how did you find your way here? It's always helpful to know how I reach (and can reach) fellow millinery (and theatre) geeks.